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Our Mission is to Make your Casino Run Smoother

Let’s face it, giving your guests the kind of service they deserve is no easy task, but it should be.


That’s where we come in!

MOCHA™ makes day-to-day casino operations a breeze. We help your team enroll guests in your players club, personalize the guest experience, efficiently tend to their needs, and so much more all within an easy-to-use app.

You’re probably already familiar with Centennial Gaming Systems and you don’t even know it!

Founded by casino industry veteran, Darryll Pleasant, in 2021, our team is made up of dedicated experts with decades of experience in the casino gaming industry.

Now, we have the honor to use our wealth of technical and marketing expertise to streamline your operations through our high-quality, user-friendly products and world-class IT consultative services.

Darryll Pleasant

Darryll Pleasant is the founder and CEO of Centennial Gaming Systems. With over 25 years of casino gaming industry experience, Darryll understands what it takes to streamline casino operations. 

As a highly experienced software development executive, Darryll understands the challenges the casino gaming industry experiences. Darryll brings time-saving solutions to every problem through his years of experience with several top companies in the industry. 

Darryll began his career as a software engineer and quickly grew to senior leadership for some of the top casino vendors in the industry. He saw that the industry always needs new and more innovative ways to streamline the overall gaming experience. He created MOCHA™ as the first step in achieving that goal. 


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